1. The site was started in February 2017 with the purchase of the website name.
  2. It took 3 weeks to find a suitable WordPress Theme.  Divi from Elegant Theme’s was selected.  A very robust theme.
  3. The rest of the time up to Mid May, about 2.5 months, was used learning and adapting to this new theme and entering in the content.  Actually, the basic content was finished by mid March.  I had created a site layout back in early February.  Adapting the Divi Theme to that layout proved to be extremely challenging because of what I wanted was not how websites today are build, so I had to change!  That was the challenging part because I am stubborn, so I had to took a lot of breaks! 🙂
  4. On May 12, 2017.  The referral commissions for the company was changed from 3-tier ($20, $3, $2) to a straight commission of one tier of $25.  Those that had the 3 tiers prior to this change will be grandfathered in and not changed.  All sales going forward will reflect this new change.  The founders David Dubbs and Ron Pope explained that this was done to reflect a proper affiliate marketing program and attract more business.  They also included a corporate referral.  Bring a big company and a percentage of overall business earned from that company is earned, but best to contact The Conversion Pros to arrange this introduction.


When more content is added to this site after the May 2017 launch it will be noted here with a date of when it was added.