There is a lot of support that you get. The biggest comes from my wife, Diane and I.

Diane’s knowledge is best suited for questions around social media on facebook, instagram, and pinterest and advertising in those mediums. She will help you as best she can, but she is not technical.

My knowledge is best suited for questions around technical, in depth teaching of TCP structure, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, and creative writing.

Also, David Dubbs, the Chief Marketing Officer of the company is a genuine super hero to all the compnay clients. He is always ready to help and keep everything real. This man will tell you the honest truth without sugar coating the message. That way you learn how to be the best you can be for yourself and your customers. David is passionate about what the value his company offers.

The Conversion Pros team aims to improve their services without increasing their costs to the customer. In fact, something really amazing happened early in 2017. The seven day trial use to cost $1 and the company removed that cost and made it free. I believe they request credit card information on day 3 or 4 to be ready to bill you once the seven days has expired. This product and service could easily be
worth more in my opinion, but no, they keep the cost low at $50 a month and now they make the trial free.

The company has a fast response time to the support tickets you can use to mail into the team, through the ‘contact’ area. They are polite and very helpful. But, before you send in a ‘support ticket’ with a problem, you may contact me or ask directly on the facebook group. David along with myself wants to see you succeed and we will help keep you on the right path.

Once you have signed up for your trial, join the TCP facebook group and inform me once you are approved to the group. I will formally introduce you to the group. It lets evryone know you are new and my client. It is a tradition we do in the group and it’s a fun thing to keep alive. I ecourage you do this with your referrals. It embodies a sense of being apart of a ‘Team’.

See the contact us page to get our information.